a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

best show ever

(w/ exception of bright♥eyes. because nothing is ever better then bright eyes. EVER)


the propagandhi show was mucho fun <3333

funnest show here, so far

western addiction: nicemusic, hella funny and very entertaining. big plus for them

greg mcphereson??: very interesting... longest set ever!!!!!. but overall. kool music. and style

propagandhi:) omg they are awesome<33333, their accents are hott. i love the lyrical content and what they say. and the show was hott. hahaha there was a milkshake fighting over an american flag with security. hahaha then mc donalds fries came out then as we were walking out.... there is a cop putting out a burning flag.

gotta love it.♥

next week is limp wrist. woop woop
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