a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

lets educate eachother =)

i would like suggestions on readings for winter break. tell me some good books people!!

here are books i encourage you to read:

*do androids dream of electric sheep? by Phillp K Dick( what it means to by humyn)
*possessing the secret of joy. Alice Walker(womyns oppression, cultural expectations)
*reviving ophelia by Mary Pipher(stories about grrrls dealing with growing up and either being themselves and being ostracized or trying to assimilate into the fit mold made for womyn)
*behold a pale horse by William Cooper( for all you conspiracy theorists)
*handmaids tale by margaret atwood (dystopian world where womyn are oppressed (what a suprise!), sex in institutionalized, and the us is ran under a theocracy.)

and i forget the rest. jsut ask me though. the end. bye
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