a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

riding the primitive wave


the xiu xiu / babyland show was off the hook. =) good shit. if i wasnt already in love with xiu xiu, i fell more in love <33333333. so awesome

uumm the universal studios/extra deal was funn too. hahahaha it was fun waving at the people on the tour trams and blowing kisses at them as if i were like shannyn sossamon or some famous ass person. hott shit. other than that, omg it was freezing and standing there for ever was boring and those extras think they are the shit. too funny

um nothing else,

other then my usual complaining on how i hate carson and yearn to go back to SC cuz this place is smelly ugly polluted drama filled and layme. and even besides all that crap i do love seeing my friends/family. ♥ =), even though ive been feeling emo layme lately. like umm i dont know. i have issues and i always feel that NOONE cares. lalala and it was weird coming back. like i felt awkward around my friends i only felt comfy if jenny or juan was there. weird shit i know. but i got over it? but then i still feel weird like noone likes me lalalala and um i dont know just weird.

this place is ugly.

someone hang out with me. =(

it really sucks being disconnected from the world.

umh. ok back to my boring life.

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