a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

because i dont give a fuck

this weekend has been fun

my birthday was awesome, i love love love my freinds.

went clubbing, clockwork orange is fun.

i want to go again.

and to a rave also!

um... new years is gonna be funnnnnnnnnnnn =)

underwear party on friday, PPK style. woop woop

ill be taking the hummus and chips


but i still miss home.

i mean, CARSON is meant for visiting, if anything.

CARson/LA/SouthBAy?utopian wasteland

watever u want to call it

is NOT for me.

Santa Cruz i miss. i looooooooove it there.

i could be there with no fucken friends and still be happier then i would ever be here.

the environment here is UGLY.

my freinds/family/ppk ARE THE BEST, i dont mean them when i talk shit on LA just the environment.

peopel are too racist, stupid, ignorant, and everything else that is wrong with the humyn race.

sucsk to be you if youre stuck in this shit hole
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