a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

boo boo kitty fuck

ive always thought since like high school that EVERYONE IS BISEXUAL. my bisexual theory lalalalala. its somewhere in here in my old entries. anywho. ive never been with a girl. make out yah but im a make out hoe and making out is just like any other activity to me. its funnnnnnnnnnn and i dont have to have absolutely any feelings for the other. i think girls are pretty, cute, hott. but i have never liked a girl.

then the other day at the mall something weird happened.

i seen a girl; and then it happened.

hi im audrey, and im bisexual?

yed it doesnt sound right

and its just another part of my never ending confusion that im dealing with right now

therefore i have concluded

after a lifetime of conmtemplating and pondering i have came to the conclusion that i must take drastic measures which will be implemented upon my return to my homeland of santa cruz.

be prepared world,

cuz just when you thought you knew me,

you have NO IDEA.
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