a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

oh santa cruz, youre not that far

so im not even looking forward to the undies party cuz im sure it wont happen because here everyone is judgemental and its just not the same in sc. and even though they were all excited and down for it when it was brought up now the doubts are abundant and everyones like " do we really have to wear undies?" uhhh it IS an underwear party. hahahaha so whatever, scratch that out and leave it for sc where it will actually thrive and prosper.

anywho, today next week i will be back in my haven =)

im so glad to go back home, ive been here for tooo long.

so ive been building up my plan and its going to be miraculous,

i cant wait to put it into action. =)

but the point is, i love sc and want to go back NOW.

i am REALLY looking forward to living off campus next year just so i wont have to go home for these dumb breaks. they are toooo long. especially summer. oh my, how will i survive summer? i hope there are programs in the summer that involve me not having to come back here.

i probably sound like a bitch to my family and friends, but ive been in this dump for too long. and dont forget, i love you =)

and i TOTALLY concur with jenny on her post how in SC people dont care or are judgemental and here everyone is close minded.

so sad, but true.

im so happy i broke freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

goodbye for now.
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