a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

i want a carrot

i wore a dress today, and life was okay. =)

i love this placeeeeeeeeee. i never ever ever want to leave.

i really wish i could leave my carson baggage behind!

its so hard with myspace and AIM and dwhatnot.


whahtever, the point is im TRYING.

i miss my friends, like tiffany and michael.

people i could be MYSELF around.

sometimes i feel like ughgh college 10 is layme and im really only truly comfy with jenny.

sometimes i wonder what if i went to porter/kresge , but then i wouldnt have met foofee and mo and lots of others and other shit.

but i just feel like porter i can be myself at. and kresge is apartments!!!

college 10 does feel like the "highschool" dorms at times.


dont ever choose a college because of its theme

on another note, i always get RE obsessed with a band i like after a long time of listening to them

as of now, the victim is contravene<3333333

p.s. i love santa cruz<333333333333333333333

my plans for the rest of the school year:
-find a job
-find housing OFFcampus

which will mean, i DONT have to go to carson for summer!!!!!!!!

i really hope this works out.

and spring break after mexico im planning to spend in sf wiht crystal!! yay!!!!!!!!!!
also going to sf jan 21 for protest <3333. crystal go!!
i should go read. bye.
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