a.u.d.r.e.y. (audreyapple) wrote,

happy belated friday the 13th

so, yesterday will go down in the booooooooks

its one of my new holidayssssssss. hahaha so we ( me jenny mo devin) had this plan that on friday the 13th would be our own 4 20 and we would be stoned for 13 hours. yah uhhh that doesnt work cuz at one point in time you get sleepy. hahha but even so, it is our new holiday and we must follow its tradition.


there were so many siiiiiigns,

we saw banana slugs!!!!!!!!

and we found the merry go round! it was like there shining for us.

and it was so funnnnnnnnnnnnnn, until jenny almost died.

and then i kept finding mini oranges, and today in the dining hall, there was a bin full of them

i know its a sign, of what i dont know yet, but it IS a sign.

and they were pplaying dance dance.

the world is full of signs, not yet known of, but they are signs, i know they are.

today is rbf and im still debating if i should go or not.

i want sex.

drum circle, full moon, and thunderstorms with lighting.
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